PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 Poster, My Creepy Thoughts On The Sequel

Could the real secret of Katie’s past be an all-too common and horrifying case of abuse?

Paramount has released the new poster for Paranormal Activity 3, the threequel that’s racing like a Kenyan to make it to a release date. I think they shot this film over the weekend or something.

Anyway, the poster is fine - more of the same stuff, really - but it leads me to wonder if this film will attempt to bring any interesting subtext into the story. Looking at the way the shape hovers between the beds, thinking about the way the entity fixates on Katie, I begin to wonder if this film couldn’t spin the ghost stuff into a subtext for childhood sexual abuse.

The true story of the Bell Witch - fictionalized in An American Haunting - begins with Betsy Bell being sexually assaulted by her father, which leads into a serious of poltergeists disturbances and attacks. Could the real horror caught on tape in Paranormal Activity 3 not be doors slamming and people getting dragged but Katie’s dad being really inappropriate? Could the repressed memories of her sexual abuse fuel the terrible events of the next two movies? That seems like the only revelation worth having in this film, but I suspect it won’t be the case. I suspect it’ll be a lot of people getting dragged around.