Fantastic Fest, Here We Come

As the BAD team converges on Austin, expect things to get a little quiet here. This is an open discussion post!

I’m packing up the last of my stuff and getting ready to hit LAX, Austin bound. Fantastic Fest begins tomorrow and most of the BAD team is gearing up for the world’s coolest film festival. You’ll be getting coverage from me, Meredith, April, Roger, Brian and our new pal Brian Salisbury (two Brians!) over the next nine days.

That does mean that stuff will be a touch slower here on the site. Every time I do a film festival I have grand ideas of how I can keep content flowing on the site and they never work out, so this year I’m being sort of realistic. We’ll get Fantastic Fest reviews and interviews up as fast and as often as we can, but expect non-FF stuff to be slower.

I do have a couple of things lined up to unleash when I land in Austin - a Moneyball review, the latest Holy Hunter of Music Videos, and am interview Alex Riviello did with a board game designer that’s really cool. In the meantime, please feel free to use this post to talk about whatever crosses your minds.

Thanks for being understanding, and I’ll save you some BBQ.