Borders Line: How To Curb Your Fantastic Fest Craving

Can’t go to Fantastic Fest and feeling a little stabby about it? Here are a few tips for recreating your own festival experience at home.


I know, we suck. It’s been all “!ZOMG FANTASTIC FEST!” non-stop around here lately, and you’re not at Fantastic Fest, and you just want to read some movie snarking and get on with your life without the constant reminders that you have to work instead of watch movies all day.

I’ve missed a whole bunch of festivals in my time when everyone else I know got to attend, so I’m a bit of an expert at recreating a festival experience on my own low-budg terms. So here’s how to have your own Fantastic Fest out of the comfort of your home.

1) Watch a whole hell of a lot of movies.

Obviously, that’s first and foremost. But here’s the kicker: REALLY watch them. Turn off the lights in your living room, don’t pause more than absolutely necessary, and for chrissakes, don’t talk or text. You can rent or buy past Fantastic Fest faves at the festival iTunes store. For more films, check out the FF archives and find whatever past festival picks you can on free-streaming or VOD. Watch between three to five movies a day this weekend, and watch a movie or two every night this week after you get home from work. Watch ALL the movies. It will help, I promise.

2) Drink alcohol. Plenty of it.

You may have heard that the Alamo Drafthouse serves alcohol (and tasty food!). You may have also heard that the festival is sponsored by Shiner Beer and Ambhar Tequila. We do a little drinking at Fantastic Fest, and that’s probably the easiest part of the festival to recreate for yourself.

3) Go to a karaoke bar. 

Karaoke is a key element in the Fantastic Fest experience. The festival is offering two featured karaoke parties, and Drafthouse-owned events venue The Highball has private karaoke rooms that stay occupied throughout the duration of the festival. Do some wailing. Do some ass-shaking. Don’t be ashamed. That’s the Fantastic Fest way.

4) Stand in line somewhere.

I’m not going to pretend there isn’t serious line-standing at Fantastic Fest. We’re surrounded by hundreds of like-minded film geeks, and we all want to see the same badass flicks. It’s actually fun—we meet people, enjoy random conversations, do a little nerdy flirting. So go find yourself a queue and park it. And don’t forget the friendly fraternizing with strangers!

5) Follow us on the Internet.

We’re going to be tweeting, blogging and Facebooking our asses off over the next week, and the best way for you to get a taste of the festival experience is to follow us on every possible platform. As Devin said, things may look a little sparse around here, but we’ll get as much Fantastic Fest-related coverage up as we can during and immediately after the festival. You can also follow the Fantastic Fest blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page, and of course the BAD team on Twitter for all the latest breaking drunk tweets film news.

If you do the above five things, I promise, you’ll create an experience that’s the next best thing to attending the festival. And dammit, we will see you next year. You have a whole year to save up PTO, to save up money, and believe me when I say that it’s worth it.