Borders Line: JOHN DIES AT THE END Looks Great

Don Coscarelli and Doug Jones stopped by Fantastic Fest to show preview footage of JOHN DIES AT THE END, and I’m stoked.

Don Coscarelli and Doug Jones stopped by Fantastic Fest to preview footage from their upcoming film John Dies At The End and to answer some questions. It was really exciting because I’m a huge fan of both Coscarelli and Jones, and I’ve been looking forward to the film for some time. Read my previous Borders Line about the film here.

John Dies At The End, from the David Wong book of the same name, is in editing, and Coscarelli seems fairly confident that it will get distributed. Alamo Drafthouse owner and Fantastic Fest Creative Director Tim League assured that he’d be happy to show the film at the theater for as long as needed. League is a big part of the reason that Coscarelli’s Bubba Ho-Tep was a success, giving him distribution tips and showing the film for something like eight weeks at the Drafthouse.

You can watch the Q&A and preview footage here:

and the teaser for the film here:

I think it looks great, I really do. As I said before, when I read the novel I kept wondering what director could possibly manage the quirky, gory, irreverent tone, and when it was announced that Coscarelli would take the reins, I was thrilled. He’s a terrific choice, such an interesting director with a really clear visual language and delightfully unhinged sense of humor. Doug Jones is absolutely perfect as Roger North, Paul Giamatti and Clancy Jones can do no wrong, and the two unknown actors as leads Dave and John look just right.

So my expectations for actually getting to see this film, which before the preview were firmly managed, are now pretty high. I’m holding my breath on this one, kids.