Go To The Movies: The Weekend Movie Discussion

50/50 is your best bet on a weekend filled with long-delayed movies and films that weren’t screened for critics.

I have survived another Fantastic Fest. I’m back home in LA, looking at all the reviews I must write from this year’s festival (every year I think I’ll write more DURING the fest, and then I remember all the drinking) as well as all the DC New 52 catch up I want to do, but I feel good. It’s nice to be home and nice to be able to do more writing on the site.

This weekend is not a strong one at the cinema. It looks as though The Lion King is going to be the #1 movie AGAIN, and a bunch of the new films opening didn’t even screen for critics. How bad must Dream House be if the studio hid it, even with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz in it (and starting a real life love affair on the set, a publicist’s dream come true)? And Margaret was barely shown, after being hidden away and tinkered with for six straight years.

50/50, on the other hand, was screening early in  the summer, with Summit hoping to build some buzz. It’s a tough sell, though - cancer comedy! And with Seth Rogen, who has been in possibly too many movies the last two years. You can read my review here. 

Also opening this weekend is the long-on-the shelf (hey, and 50/50 was finished a year ago! I’m sensing a trend this week) Tucker and Dale vs Evil. It’s funny and fun, not a great film but a good watch. I recommend it. I may have reviewed it back at my old job - I saw it at Sundance two or three years ago - but I can’t be bothered to find the link.

Then there’s What’s Your Number?, a romcom starring Anna Faris, a comedienne I once hoped would transcend the shitty roles and do something good. Apparently not!

Finally, in limited release, there’s Take Shelter. Everybody else on Earth loved it and I hated it - find out why in my review. Then maybe go see and judge for yourself.

Expect more stuff from me this weekend, including maybe a Footloose review and my Lars von Trier video interview. Also, I will try to finish watching the pilot of Terra Nova so I can write about the first two episodes. So far it’s one of the worst things I have ever watched on television.