Houston! Get A Taste Of The Tribeca Film Festival On The Road

Houstonians can get a taste of the Tribeca Film Festival with the On The Road series at the Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks October 14-16. 

As a Houstonian myself, I'm super stoked to learn that the Tribeca Film Festival On The Road series is coming to the H-town Alamo Drafthouse! Read the press release and then mark your respective calendars.

What: American Express and Tribeca Film have partnered to bring film lovers in Houston the excitement and access of the Tribeca Film Festival. Screenings will be held at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in West Oaks.

When: Friday, October 14 – Sunday, October 16

• Friday evening’s opening event beginning at 7:30 pm will feature a screening of Janie Jones, a Q&A discussion with director David M. Rosenthal and a kickoff cocktail reception.

• Tickets and the full schedule of screenings are available at tribecafilm.com/amex. Each feature will be screened at least twice during the weekend.

Where: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, West Oaks Mall #429, Houston 

The three-day Tribeca Film Festival On the Road will feature an eclectic mix of independent feature films, as well as discussions and Q&A sessions with actors, directors and others involved in the productions following each screening. Feature films currently scheduled for screening include: 

Janie Jones
-Written and directed by David M. Rosenthal

Rocker Ethan Brand (Alessandro Nivola) is on the comeback trail when a former flame (Oscar® nominee Elisabeth Shue) drops a bomb in his lap—their 13‐year‐old daughter, Janie Jones (Oscar® nominee Abigail Breslin). Ethan refuses to believe Janie is his, but when her mom suddenly leaves for rehab, the child has no place to go but with him. Desperate to finish the tour, Ethan stays on the road as a solo act with Janie in tow, where her surprising musical talents help guide him down the rocky road to redemption.

Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston
-Directed by Whitney Sudler-Smith

A fascinating portrait of the rise and fall of America’s first celebrity designer—Halston— the man who was synonymous with fashion in the 1970s, and became the emperor of NYC nightlife. Interviews with friends and witnesses (including Liza Minnelli, Diane Von Furstenberg, André Leon Talley, Anjelica Huston, Bob Colacello, and Billy Joel, among others) round out this glittering evocation of the man who defined the most beautiful and decadent era of recent memory.

The Last Rites of Joe May
-Written and directed by Joe Maggio

Showcasing a tour‐de‐force performance from veteran Dennis Farina, The Last Rites of Joe May shows the final days of an aging, short money hustler clinging to the belief that he’ one scam away from the glorious destiny he always deserved. Now in his sixties, his health failing and resources dwindling, Joe is presented with one last shot at redemption in the eyes of a community that’ all but left him for dead.

-Written and directed by Gregory Kohn

Will (David Call), an unemployed and aimless playboy in Brooklyn, New York, has spent his 20’s skating on easy charm from one casual, distant affair to the next. Noticing his friends’ happiness as they gradually settle into steady jobs and committed relationships, Will decides to trade apathy for effort in order to find someone with whom he can start the next chapter of his life. Shot on 16mm with artful direction and honest performances, Northeast is a vividly natural portrayal of the pressure of impending adulthood.

Don’t Go in the Woods
-Directed By Vincent D'Onofrio

Don’t go in the woods is sound advice, especially when there's a killer on the loose. First‐time director Vincent D'Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, Law & Order: Criminal Intent) explores love, greed and ruthlessness in this twisted musical/horror hybrid, telling the story of a young band who heads to the woods to get away from their everyday lives in order to focus on writing new songs. Hoping to walk away from the trip with new tunes that will score them their big break, they instead find themselves in the middle of a nightmare beyond comprehension.

The Man on the Train
-Directed by Mary McGuckian

The English‐language remake of Patrice Leconte’ award‐winning French film of the same name, The Man on the Train stars Donald Sutherland and musician Larry Mullen, Jr. in his acting debut. A mysterious criminal (Mullen, Jr.) rolls into a small town planning to knock off the local bank, assuming it will go off without a hitch. But when he encounters a retired poetry professor (Sutherland), his plans take an unlikely turn. With no place to stay, the professor generously welcomes him into his home. As the two men talk, a bond forms between these two polar opposites, and surprising moments of humor and compassion emerge. As they begin to understand each other more, they each examine the choices they’ve made in their lives, secretly longing to live the type of lifestyle the other man has lived, based on the desire to escape their own.

 Mr. Stache, a short film that won the 2011 American Express and Tribeca Film “My Movie Pitch” competition, will screen before Janie Jones, Northeast, Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston.

Tickets to the screenings are on sale at tribecafilm.com/amex.

Ticket proceeds will benefit the Tribeca Film Institute, a year-round nonprofit arts organization founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff that empowers filmmakers through grants, professional development and resources, while also helping students discover film and filmmaking.