The Badass Video Interview: Lars von Trier Forgives America For Vietnam

The firebrand Danish director Skypes in to talk MELANCHOLIA and to make peace with the United States' imperialistic past.

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But von Trier did the next best thing - he Skyped in for an interview with me, which played before the screenings of Melancholia. The New York Film Festival wanted to do this, and they were turned down. Sometimes it pays to be the coolest film festival in the world.

I was pretty nervous before recording this interview, but it turns out von Trier is a really nice guy. He's funny and self-deprecating, and during the course of the interview he decided he liked me so much he would forgive the United States for the war in Vietnam. I'm glad I could be a part of this healing moment between the USA and one of Europe's great auteurs.

The video below is the raw feed from the interview, which includes stuff that wasn't shown at Fantastic Fest - such as a discussion of von Trier's Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine. Due to a technical error my fat head is frozen at the bottom of the screen, but ignore that and focus instead on my whiny voice asking the questions. This interview has no spoilers.

Melancholia goes VOD on Friday, but I must tell you that this film is gorgeous and deserves to be seen on the big screen. It opens in theaters in November.

Devin talks to Lars Von Trier from Fantastic Fest on Vimeo.