Holy Hunter of Music Videos

April brings us three more creepy, gorgeous, weird and/or fun music videos–and a bonus track!

Last month John Cale, legendary founding member of The Velvet Underground (among numerous other historical contributions to the rock world), released a new EP. That would be his approximately thirtieth album since he, Reed and Co. went their separate ways, but who’s counting? I am... the number of days until he discovers my mocking of his silvered patch of soul and allows that comely chin to breathe easier with the help of a close shave. In the video for the Extra Playful EP's lead single, “Whaddya Mean By That," the cameraman follows the gracefully aging Welshman as he wanders the woods wearing a prune suit. Laugh all you want, but I don’t think that was the intended metaphor. I’ll also point out that October is the right time to listen to “Ghost Story," one of my favorites.

Flaxen Australian beauty Jessica Gower (The Secret Life of Us), proves she knows her way around a firearm and a Swedish vehicle known for its high safety standards in the video for Deerhoof’s “Secret Mobilization.”  Yanked from the unpredictable, experimental quartet’s tenth studio album released earlier this year, Deerhoof vs. Evil, it’s a track worth the revisit. Director Ewan Macleod says, “The video is built around a possible future, how to make a quick buck from catching and selling mutants.” I’d also say it’s the lighter side of The Hills Have Eyes and asks the question, “What would’ve happened had those desert savages just been after the Carter family’s trailer?” In any case, the creatures’ nightmarish, parasitic nematode-inspired kissers deserve a nod.

In case you missed it, Twin Sister debuted their first full length album last month titled In Heaven. And I can’t recommend this and their other EPs without the enthusiasm of a dog just let out of the bath. Names to remember Bryan Ujueta and Dan Devine co-direct a haunting (to say the least) and atmospheric video for “Kimmi in a Rice Field” based on a ghost story dreamed up by the lead songbird herself (Andrea Estella). She takes the lead as Kimmi here and evokes the quality of a certain cousin of Laura Palmer, Maddy Ferguson, enhanced simultaneously by a reasonable cable knit sweater and blood.