Fantastic Debates Highlights: F*ck NASA vs. NASA Is Awesome

Watch an astrophysicist and an Internet-famed despiser of NASA wail on each other. 

The debates are an annual highlight of Fantastic Fest, and 2011 offered the raddest debates yet, featuring hot hobbit-on-hobbit violence as Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood battled to either attack or defend the honor of World of Warcraft, Nathan and David Zellner came to blows over the arguable superiority of robots and Drafthouse owner Tim League and Knuckle badass James Quinn McDonagh fought it out to prove the respective toughness of Texans and Irishmen. You can read more about the debates and see pictures here and watch the Monaghan/Wood fight here.  

But the fight we're fondly recalling today was between astrophysicist Andy Howell and Internet-famed despiser of NASA Hunter. Maybe you've heard of NASA. But have you heard of NASA's greatest arch-nemesis? Get up to speed with Hunter, the leader of the Fuck NASA Army. Hunter's whole thing, you should know, is "Fuck NASA!" so use your headphones at the office, kids. 

Now that you know what's what, watch the hightlights from the fight:

And you can check out a highlight reel of the entire debates:

Tune in tomorrow to watch the thrilling throwdown between Nathan Zellner and David Zellner that finally settles the age-old question: are robots superior to humans?