Questions About The BREAKING BAD Finale

Yeah, the payoff moment was AMAZING (especially if you were watching it with a crowd). But did everything make sense? Spoilers galore as Henri speculates wildly.

Damn. Last night's Breaking Bad finale was a ton of fun. What felt like the slow burn of the season came to an explosive head (get it?) and we definitely saw Walt slide down to a new level of dastardly criminal mastermind. There are still a couple of things I don't fully understand, though. Help me be a smarter TV watcher by posting some explanations in the comments!

Question 1:
Why didn' t Gus go to his car?

This isn't really a finale question, but in the super tense closing of the previous episode, Gus is walking toward the boobie-trapped car with his thugs in the parking garage of the hospital, then after a looooooong pause ultimately decides to turn around. In the finale, Walt asks Jesse what he said to Gus, and the implication is that when Jesse tells Gus that Brock was poisoned, yo, Gus knows that his plan to steal the ricin cigarette failed, and he can therefore assume that maybe Jesse and Walt are working together. But with the last shot of the episode zooming in on the plant that actually poisoned Brock in Walt's backyard, we're led to believe that Walt actually poisoned the boy all out of a HUGE plan to get Jesse back on his side. That was a far-fetched, long shot of a plan, but it's kind of badass that Walt went for it. The only problem is that if Gus didn't poison Brock, what in the world made him think, "Hm. Maybe Walt put a bomb under my car while I was chilling in the hospital. Let's silently turn around and find another ride home."

Which raises a follow up question - how did Gus get home from the hospital? Probably a cab or something, but does he do that all the time? Because that's weird.

Question 2:
Seriously, why couldn't Gus learn how to make the formula?

The biggest plot of the season has Gus trying to turn Jesse away from Walt so that Jesse can see that he can cook Walt's formula himself and Gus can therefore dispose of the trouble-making Mr. White. But seriously, Gus has cameras EVERYWHERE, particularly in the lab, and it's still somehow impossible for him to reverse engineer the formula? Even though the gun-toting thug who kidnaps Jesse to bring him back to the lab knows that "the next step is CO2"? That would be maybe okay if Jesse was developed as this super smart character who's the bestest student of chemistry ever, but that ain't true. So if Jesse can learn the cook, why can't Gus?

Question 3:
So where is the ricin cigarette now?

Walt didn't use the ricin to poison Brock, and neither did Gus. Did Walt have Saul's goon steal the cig when Jesse was frisked? And is there still a super poisonous cigarette hanging out somewhere, just waiting to make a comeback next season? And if there is, will Schuyler smoke it now that she likes smoking again? It would be kind of lame forBreaking Bad to pull a Dexter and mess with the main character's wife, but it does feel like next season needs to bring more of the conflict back home for a Walt v. Hank showdown.

So yeah - don't get me wrong, I LOVE this show, and I'm sure there are things I missed that could totally clue me into some of these questions. What were they? And what do you guys think we'll get to see next season? And why does this season have to be over?