Teaser For TOUCH, The New Show From The Ding Dong Behind HEROES

More high concept nonsense from Tim Kring.

Remember Tim Kring, the guy behind television abortion Heroes? Remember when you liked that show? Sometimes it feels good to be standing on the correct side of history (and yes, I am gloating). Well, he's back, and  his new show isn't a rip off of Watchmen - this time it's a rip off of M Night Shyamalan and Knowing. At least that's what this terrible teaser leads me to believe.

Kiefer Sutherland plays a man whose son can tell the future using maths or something, but the kid doesn't talk so he has to act out what's going to happen, like Lassie trying to alert everyone that Timmy is in the well. There's a massive backstory to it all, other people who can also tell the future. I bet there's a shadowy government agency getting introduced, one who tracks down these people and tries to use them for nefarious means.