Badass Broadcast: Maniacs on the Floor

You want to see real dancing? Don't bother with FOOTLOOSE this weekend, watch these videos.

With the release of previously respectable and talented director Craig Brewer's questionable remake of the nostalgia-magnet Footloose looming on the release calendar for this Friday, let's take a moment to appreciate a couple lesser remembered screen dances.

French filmmaker Claire Denis is a titan in her own time and has a particular gift for expressing character through movement and dance. The emotional climax of her film 35 Shots of Rum plays out with the beauty of a ballet, as the characters' dancing subtly illustrates the future of their relationships. This clip from US Go Home captures the pure exhilaration of uninhibited dance. It is possibly my favorite dance scene in a movie ever.

Here is a lovely video of your favorite Uncle cutting a rug at your Sister's wedding. You will enjoy this for sentimental reasons.

And here's one to send chills down your spine late at night.