Holy Hunter of Music Videos

April delivers vids from JEFF the Brotherhood, Okkervil River and Portishead.

Nashville’s psychedelic, garage rock duo (and sons of Robert Ellis Orrall) JEFF the Brotherhood give us a much needed excuse to adopt a better record player with the release of their early seventies, doom metal-inspired 7” single, “Whatever I Want." Recognizable Sabbath influences and horror themes run both visually and audibly high in the following Jo McCaughey-helmed video. However dead behind their doll eyes, I came for the babes and stayed for the electrifying organ noodling around the four minute mark. Oh, and don’t think I’ve forgotten that they’re responsible for the instrumentals behind the terrifying Insane Clown Posse/Jack White arrangement for Mozart’s “Leck mich im Arsch” back in August. It’s most difficult to imagine the prolific composer’s canon as the “Bugz on My Nutz” of the late seventeen hundreds. 

Independent folk rockers and Austin locals Okkervil River surprised fans earlier this year with the release of I Am Very Far, as it took quite a departure from the sadsack bastard ilk and brought forth a dreamier, more experimental sound. Lead singer Will Sheff took a personal approach for their “Your Past Life as a Blast” video by way of dad’s own Super 8 family footage that yields quaint results. Check out the Spiderman hoppity hop around the three minute mark, or I’ll send you a video of my older sister puking orange juice at the top of Pikes Peak when we were nine.

It has been the slowest of slow weeks for music video hunting, so bear with me and settle (if you can even call it that) for an exclusive, web-only performance of Portishead’s Dummyclassic, “Mysterons.” They made a pit-stop appearance last week on Jimmy Fallon’s late night spot in the midst of their current North American tour which has the record itself back into heavy rotation and me forever questioning my ten o’ clock bedtime (sponsored by Polident).