It’s A Good Day To Die Hard, I Guess

DIE HARD 5 has a title and a release date.

Die Hard Die Hard

But Die Hard 5 is coming, and it now has a title: A Good Day To Die Hard. To be fair, there has never been a Die Hard movie with an actually good title (even Die Hard is silly. And a battery), so this is probably one of the better ones. As speculated, it'll be set in Russia, with John McClane traveling to the former USSR to try and get his son out of jail. Terrorists will attack or something - who cares, it's just the same shit again and again, each time losing a little more sight of what made the original special. And that comes from a guy who really, really likes Die Hard With A Vengeance.

A Good Day To Die Hard will be out February 14th, 2013, a perfect day for Fox to not-so-tenderly fuck John McTiernan's classic.

via Slashfilm