Toby Keith’s Amazing Ode To The Red Solo Cup

First he loved this bar, then he had beer for his horses, now Toby Keith is singing the praises of the ubiquitous red party cup.

The Red Solo Cup is one of the staples of modern home drinking; it crosses all classes and ethnicities. Drinking out of a Red Solo Cup is an experience most of us have had - even if you're one of those teetotalers.

Toby Keith may occasionally be an insufferable example of shitty modern country, but every now and again he comes out with something great (usually about drinking) - for instance I love, love, love his song I Love This Bar*. His new joint isn't quite I Love This Bar, but it's a glorious tribute to the aforementioned Red Solo Cup.

Even if you're not a country music fan I recommend giving this one a shot, if for no other reason than to see Larry Byrd spinning a Red Solo Cup on his fingers. The song has a wonderfully boozy quality, and I like the idea that puffy old Toby Keith parties exclusively with 20 year old douchebag dudes and girls in bikinis. Because that's totally how I would do it.

via Uproxx

* If you're ever in New York City and drinking at the wonderful downtown dive The Patriot, play I Love This Bar on the jukebox and the lady bartenders will dance on the bar for you!