Buy SOUTH OF HEAVEN And Hear Some Badass Audio Commentary

Fantastic Fest film SOUTH OF HEAVEN is now on DVD, featuring an audio commentary by Badass in Chief Devin Faraci.

South of Heaven

Yes, I recorded an audio commentary for South of Heaven, along with Scott Weinberg and Todd Brown (both of Twitch now, but at the time Scott was at Cinematical, I think. I was at CHUD! We recorded this about two years ago). I don't know how good the commentary is - I can't bring myself to listen - but I remember having a good time, and I know we went off topic a bit and talked about larger issues surrounding supporting indie film and trying to get readers interested in indie films.

South of Heaven is a really interesting, incredibly well-made film. I don't think it's always completely successful, but it's totally the work of someone with vision. It's a pity that Vara hasn't had a feature since South of Heaven. He's definitely great at casting - Shea Whigham and Diora Baird are both amazing in this film, and both cast before they started to get ubiquitous as cool character actors. And if you buy it you get to listen to me drone on!