Hollywood Learns Nothing, Mega-Expensive LONE RANGER Greenlit

Everybody involved has taken pay cuts so that the new LONE RANGER can cost a more reasonable... TWO HUNDRED FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS?

Lone Ranger werewolves

The cost was too high, and Disney blinked. Finally. But since that day things have changed, and the principals have agreed to 20% pay cuts to bring the budget down to a more reasonable 215 MILLION DOLLARS. For a fucking western. One that, Variety says, may no longer have werewolves. The trade says the script 'was reworked to eliminate some pricey f/x sequences involving supernatural elements.'

There is a smart way to make movies, and this isn't it. Movies at this price point are rarely good, because the film must be a guaranteed hit. With Gore Verbinski at the helm and the Pirates of the Caribbean writers scripting, with Johnny Depp as Tonto, we're looking at the same old shit, just in a different location. And without all the boats. It's times like this when it's hard to rassle up some New Optimism.