THIS MEANS WAR Trailer: Tom Hardy Can’t Always Make Cool Movies

Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are best friends and CIA agents. Then Reese Witherspoon messes up their friendship... and the movie.

Hold up, the concept is that they're both dating Reese Witherspoon and they go to war over her?

I'm tapping out.

We knew the day would come when Tom Hardy, the coolest character actor working today, would step up for the big bucks. He's been at it too long to pass up a payday like this. And so we end up with This Means War. The trailer for this film is a) terrible (it includes a pre-romance moment set to The Girl From Ipanema, for the love of God) and b) makes you aware that having these two guys play these roles in a movie that isn't romcom fluff would be amazing. What a bummer.