A Theater Full Of Angry Bikers. Two Seats Remaining. Would You Sit Down?

Carlsberg's latest European ad campaign tries to scare away moviegoers.

Carlsberg's latest European ad campaign is pretty clever. They  fill a theater with burly, angry-looking biker/rough trade types, leaving only two seats open. Unsuspecting couples buy tickets for those two seats and come into the theater only to be confronted with what appears to be a Hells Angels regional conference. Many folks find themselves daunted by the crowd, but a hearty few stay...

I love the concept here, that the few who are brave enough to take their seat are rewarded with Carlsberg. It positions the beer as being for the exceptional and the courageous - which is a better association than most American beer commercials, which posit their drinkers as manchildren being dominated by their wives.

via Tim League and Simply Zesty