Because You’ve Been Bad Hasbro Is In Talks With Michael Bay For TRANSFORMERS 4

You didn't think they were going to leave this moneymaker at 3, did you?


Remember when your parents split and you thought/worried that it was because of you, something you had done? That was silly, and a sign of childish insecurity. But if a fourth Transformers movie happens it is completely your fault - at least if you've ever bought a ticket for one of the previous films.

In their latest big bizness man quarterly conference call, reps from Hasbro said that they have been in talks with Paramount, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg about a fourth Transformers. They hope to have more info to share next quarter. Maybe the info will be that they decided to honorably commit seppuku rather than unleash this junk on us again!

I doubt Bay will come back for Transformers 4; I honestly believe he hates these movies. He'd be dumb as hell to turn down a couple of million bucks for doing nothing and being a producer, though. Spielberg, I imagine, will do the same. And Paramount will make a new one because they're semi-fucked as a studio; after losing Marvel and Dreamworks they don't have so much on their plate as they used to.

Would a Transformers 4 just continue the tradition of consciousness-eradicating badness established by Bay? Would a new director come along and imitate Bay's incomprehensibility? Or would Hasbro and Paramount push for a reboot, so that they could perhaps make a movie based on children's toys that features fewer scenes of heroes decapitating helpless bad guys?