Christopher Nolan Thinks He’s Haskell Wexler, Will Shoot DARK KNIGHT RISES At Occupy Wall Street

Will The Batman, a member of the 1%, be supporting the 99% at Occupy Wall Street?

The Dark Knight Rises according to the LA Times

Christopher Nolan isn't the first director to take advantage of a real life protest for his movie; Haskell Wexler brought Robert Forster to the protests at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968 (for which newest Badass Hall of Famer Abbie Hoffman was charged with conspiracy!) and incorporated real footage of the ensuing riots in Medium Cool.

It'll be interesting seeing what happens when Nolan brings big movie stars and his IMAX cameras to Zuccotti Park - will their presence rile up protesters who have been peaceful so far? I'm guessing that The Dark Knight Rises will be a movie very much of the moment, as the people of Gotham get really sick and tired of the corruption and crime in their city. Or maybe Nolan's going to CG over all the protest signs to make them anti-Batman.

By the way, anybody else convinced Joseph Gordon-Levitt talked him into this?