Holy Hunter of Music Videos 8

April delivers spooky vids from Timber Timbre, Apparat and M83 just in time for Halloween!

This spooky, animated offering from Carlos De Carvalho for Timber Timbre’s latest single is just in time for pumpkin-flavored sweater weather. In the video for “Do I Have Power,” we’re granted a bit of x-ray vision while chasing a wandering kiddo through the woods at dusk. Lead crooner Taylor Kirk’s swampy slow dance with the ghost of Elvis provides the perfect soundtrack for these monochromatic, past-curfew creepy crawlies. With Halloween on the horizon, the folk trio’s fourth LP, Creep On Creepin’ On delivers the ultimate in hair-raising, murder ballad blues.

For those who are seasons behind on Breaking Bad, I forbid you from watching this clip in which an Apparat tune plays behind a pivotal scene in the fourth season finale. Instead I’ll just put a bug in your ear about the Berlin-based musician’s fourth solo venture, The Devil’s Walk, out now on seminal electronic label Mute Records. Ahead is the corresponding video for his delightfully melancholic track “Song of Los.” With the help of Director Saman Keshavarz, they demonstrate the absolute worst that could happen when a hipster couple turns a blind eye on the fertile, semi-autonomous female robot they’ve created. Egads! How’d she find her way to the skate park? I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say a few of the ladies I went to high school with may have conceived there.

Proceed with caution, as I haven’t been able to shake M83’s synth epic “Midnight City” from my head since July when the electronic French pop act released the teaser single for their sixth studio album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. And if you’re keeping tally, this is also the second sax solo in the bunch. I’m either sorry or you’re very welcome. Fleur & Manu direct a splendid video for the catchy number that perhaps draws inspiration from Akira (minus motorcycles) and Village of the Damned while featuring telekinetic youngsters with superhuman strength and ending on the familiar note of an alien eye glow.