BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Reboot Actually Happening (Again), Gets ANONYMOUS Writer

Oh good, maybe not we can get a remake of BATTLESTAR that properly includes Muffit. And has a black Boomer.

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But just because the show was rebooted incredibly well and successfully doesn't mean it can't be rebooted AGAIN, I guess ("All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again," was a regular refrain on the new Battlestar). Bryan Singer, who has been wanting to get a crack at the original show for a decade - he was almost making his version happened when the TV reboot happened - is finally getting his shot, and he has brought on John Orloff to write the script.

Orloff has Anonymous coming out next week, which is the movie about how Shakespeare didn't really write his plays. Of course nobody can prove Orloff actually wrote Anonymous, so I guess we're even. He also supposedly wrote on Band of Brothers and A Mighty Heart.

Wouldn't it be cooler if Orloff and Singer got together and came up with their own original space opera? Why do these guys need to remake something that's already been pretty solidly remade? I mean hell, Battlestar Galactica was originally just a Mormon rip off of Star Wars, so why not make your own rip off?

via Deadline