Frank Oz Felt THE MUPPETS Disrespected The Characters

Old school Muppeteers are speaking out against Disney's new Muppet movie.

The Muppets

The Hollywood Reporter says that many former Muppet insiders feel the same way that Oz does, complaining that Disney seems more eager to be in the Jason Segel business than to be properly respectful of the Muppets. Apparently some of them - none of whom spoke on the record - are upset at ideas like Kermit living in a mansion or that the Muppets broke up bitterly. This "creates a false history that the characters were forced to act out for the sake of this movie," said one anonymous ex-Muppeteer.

It seems that the modern performers are unhappy as well, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

[S]o great are the concerns of some Muppets performers who were involved in making the film that sources say a couple of key players -- including the performer behind (or beneath) Kermit the Frog -- considered removing their names from the credits. But they didn't, and a Muppets veteran says the gesture would have been costly to the performers and fruitless. "It doesn't send any message," he says. "[Disney] wouldn't care."

So what's the story? I have heard good things about The Muppets, and test screenings have gone well. I loved the footage I saw at the D23 convention, although you can never really judge a movie based on a select footage presentation. Could this be a situation where the old guard and the new guard are simply butting heads? I have long been concerned about the Jason Segel aspect of this film, which seemed to be overwhelming the actual Muppets, and the anonymous complainers agree.

Hopefully I'll be finding out for myself soon enough, but my opinion is likely to be suspect, as I'm not one of the Muppet faithful.