Law & Order & Punisher: Fox Orders A Frank Castle TV Show

By day he's a cop, by night he's righting wrongs in the streets as The Punisher.


This version of the Punisher will find Frank Castle getting vengeance for those failed by the court system, so I imagine every episode will open with some new skell getting off while Castle stands, furious, in the back of the courtroom. And since this is a TV show, every episode will probably end with The Punisher totally  Thomas Janing the bad guys - ie, putting fake fire hydrants in front of their cars and other practical, punishing jokes. It really sounds a lot like The Equalizer meets that show where David Morse drives a cab and also fights crime.

If one were being kind one could argue that this is The Punisher: The Early Years, and that it represents a time before Frank Castle became a full-time vigilante (some versions of the character have him as a former NYPD cop, although the main version is not ). I'm not sure why one would be kind.

The show will be run by Edward Bernero, who has worked on very mainstream shows like Criminal Minds and Third Watch. Nothing about this gets me excited.

via Variety