DC Might Be Doing WATCHMEN Prequels

DC sees a dead horse, proceeds to beat it.

DC Comics may be planning on doing prequels to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen. Bleeding Cool hears that the plan is to do four prequel miniseries that tie in together. The roster of talent rumored is strong, and includes Gibbons. The entire arc for the four miniseries is being plotted by Darwyn Cook, who is none too shabby. He'll be drawing something in there as well. The other names in the mix are John Higgins, Joseph Michael Straczinski (blech), JG Jones and Andy Kubert, but these are all preliminary names.

What's even the point of a Watchmen prequel? The original story bounces around in time anyway, so it isn't like there's some great unexamined period in everyone's lives. I guess that folks might be clamoring for the truth about The Hooded Justice (and I guarantee they get it in this mini), but otherwise I didn't finish Watchmen thinking there were burning issues to yet be addressed.

On the plus side, DC is throwing some of their higher end talent at the project. Also, this will likely make Alan Moore completely incensed, and while I like Moore a lot, I like him even better when he's furious.

But this feels like a bad idea in a fundamental way, which is that it simply reinforces how comics cannot leave well enough alone. And how comics have no future, but only an endless rehashing of the past. Instead of revisiting a creative highpoint for the company, DC should be attempting to scale new heights with original concepts and daring ideas. Going back to the well shouldn't be the fallback position of comic book companies, but it always is.