I’m Coming To Get You, Seattle

Henri’s heading up to Seattle this weekend to host a couple of Dismember the Alamo screenings at ZomBCon. Will he survive???

I’m currently flying up to Seattle for their second annual ZomBCon! Unfortunately I won’t have arrived in time for the first screening, this morning’s Night of the Living Dead followed by a panel with Judith O’Dea (Barbara herself!), but there’s plenty more zomBfun to be had. My presence this year was a last minute addition, so I didn’t have time to arrange a costume for their zombie cosplay prom, but judging by my appearance the last time I went to a Zombie Prom… 

…that’s probably best for everyone involved.

Anyway, I’m much more accustomed to the film festival world than the convention circuit, but apparently they’re still going to let me moderate panels featuring Sam Trammell (Sam Merlott from True Blood) and Jon Bernthal (Shane on The Walking Dead). Then to close out the afternoon on Saturday, I’ll be drinking with the Boondock Saints. Really, that’s one of my duties! You can read all about the panels here.

In between all of that, I’ll be hosting screenings of zombie-filled classics, trying to repress the urge to literally put an axe in the head of all the cosplay zombies who “refuse to break character,” and just getting to know the folks who run ZomBCon along with all sorts of other good fun in Seattle. If you’re around, I’ll be the guy who looks kinda normal, wearing an Alamo shirt. Come up and say hi!

I’ll do what I can to get some daily recaps up as well, but after all the Boondock Sainting that could be difficult. Stay tuned!