Repello DVDs: HARRY POTTER Franchise Goes In The Vault This December

You'll have to fight a basilisk to get your hands on a HARRY POTTER DVD or Blu after Christmas.

Warner Bros is taking a page from that playbook with the Harry Potter franchise. With no more movies being made they want to keep the series special somehow, and the answer they've come up with is to retire them this December. On December 29th the studio will stop shipping the films to stores, stocks will dwindle and suddenly... no more Harry Potter!

Well, except for VOD, where the films will continue to live. You don't want to cut off that revenue stream completely, right?

But here's what I don't get: they haven't finished releasing the Ultimate Editions of the Harry Potter films. As far as I know, neither of the Deathly Hallows have been put into UEs yet. Half-Blood Prince is the last title in that series. How does that make sense? And by not finishing the Ultimate Editions, they're losing the ability to sell a big fucking box of Ultimate Edition Blus to the fans who will bend over backwards if it comes with a wand or something.

I'm sure we'll see these back in print for the holidays; maybe they'll put a few in print at a time every year. I only have the first two films on Ultimate Edition Blu, and I'm not going to fall for Warner Bros' trick and run out and buy the next four sets before Christmas. But if you feel like you need to do that, I've included a link below!