Tumblr of the Day: Nerds Ruin Everything

STAR WARS mash up shirts. Zombie protests. Bacon in every product imaginable. These are the things nerds have brought you.

Sometimes I'm thankful for those mash up t-shirts. You know, like this one:


 It really helps me know who not to talk with. There's a tumblr dedicated to the way that modern geeks infect everything with their geekery, called Nerds Ruin Everything. It's snide, and it's condescending, but it's funny. And it's usually right on. As a nerd, and as a person long obsessed with nerd culture, I find this kind of thing fascinating. I think it speaks to the tiny frame of reference many nerds have; ie, this image mixes Drive with Mortal Kombat likely because the artist is incapable of hearing 'scorpion' without thinking of the fighting game.


 This shrinking frame of reference - only understanding culture through nerd properties, and not always realizing your favorite nerd properties are actually riffing on other cultural entities - makes me sort of sad. I would like to start a foundation that takes nerds abroad, to see museums and watch classic films, to have them do peyote and pick up cheap women at bars. Also that takes people who wear Star Wars mashup shirts and send them to gulags.


Thanks to @nickrob for turning me on to the site. What do you think? Is Nerds Ruin Everything being too hard on nerds? Or has the geekification of culture gone way, way too far?