David Slade To Direct Ed Brubaker’s COWARD

The first story arc from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' CRIMINAL gets the movie treatment.

Coward Criminal

Now Coward is going to be a movie, with a script by Brubaker himself. David Slade, who directed Hard Candy and Twilight: Eclipse, is going to helm it; Slade can be very stylish when he needs to be, but I really hope he brings some of that Hard Candy character magic to this one, because that's where Brubaker has his strengths as a writer.

What's cool is that Criminal is a series of stand-alone stories (like Coward) that take place in a shared world. There are some references in Coward that pay off in other stories, and it would be neat to see that happen in this film. Brubaker has also said that he has a story in mind for a direct sequel to Coward, so maybe this could be a franchise...

This news should really get you excited because Coward is very much a crime story. It's not an action story with a crime element, it's not a superhero story with crime in it. It's a crime story; in the Variety story about this film Brubaker says that Ryan Gosling would have been a great Leo, and Coward is very much of a kind with Drive - they're both crime stories. Good old fashioned stories about bad men getting into bad trouble. We don't see enough movies like this, if you ask me.

And even better, the movie is being produced by Hunting Lane Films, the same people who did Blue Valentine and Half Nelson, which means it should be a quality, serious production. And hey, maybe Brubaker could get his Gosling after all. You can't do too many crime movies.