Welcome Our New Managing Editor, Meredith Borders!

It's official: Meredith is part of the editorial team. Which means that now we have an editorial team!

Now a year later she's been hired full time to work at Badass Digest and the Alamo Drafthouse (we're only getting some of her attention. She'll be doing lots of other cool things with the Drafthouse as well). She's coming on here as the managing editor, which means she's going to be helping me run this thing. And I'm going to need that help - in the next few weeks and months we're hoping to bring some more freelance writers into the fold. By the time the second year rolls around I want to have a lot of different, smart and funny voices on Badass Digest, and Meredith will be playing a key role in making that happen.

You'll certainly be seeing more of her byline around here. Starting this week, in fact - I'm traveling the next few days so she'll be pinch hitting for me while I'm away.

So let me just say thank you to Meredith for being such an integral part of this site for the last year, and to apologize in advance for all the hell I'm going to put her through in the coming months as I try to really grow this site into something unique and big. We've laid the foundation for a year, now I'm psyched to get to work building on that.