This Year’s Raddest Jack-O-Lanterns

Bea Arthur, Anton Chigurh, AC Slater and some true works of art have been carved out of gourds.

I’ve never had any real skill at carving pumpkins. If I had, I can promise you, I would make a Dorothy Zbornak pumpkin to rival even this beaut. Thank you for being a gourd. (From World of Wonder)

Pumpkins have skulls too. (From Skull A Day)

So cute I can’t even stand it! But this represents a missed opportunity to carve a rubber ducky out of a mini pumpkin. (From Unique Daily)

AC Slater’s pants always had two sets of belt loops, one on top of the other. That really bugged me. (From The Gin Blog)

I admire the fact that this pumpkin truly captures the sinister nature and bizarre haircut of Anton Chigurh. (From Gavin Worth)

Finally, we have all of these stunning pumpkins carved by the immensely talented Ray Villafane (From Flavorwire).