Heidi Klum Had A Better Halloween Costume Than You

Model Heidi Klum shows you everything. EVERYTHING.

In a world where Sexy Ketchup Bottle is an actual costume, seeing Heidi Klum - one of the sexiest women going - opt for a very different direction is actually sort of exciting. Klum, who threw a party in douchebag oasis Tao in Las Vegas, was dressed as a flayed human being.

She spent the whole day getting a fairly anatomically correct version of her subcutaneous parts airbrushed on her. You've never seen a model wearing less. The effect is actually sort of gross; Klum was wheeled out to the red carpet on a gurney and under a blood-spattered sheet. This wasn't some sort of 'Sexy Visible Woman,' but rather something from Hellraiser. Or a Robbie Williams video.

via the Daily Mail

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