John Carpenter Is Hosting Funny Or Die

It's John Carpenter's Halloween! But not the movie with Michael Myers - just a bunch of silly Halloween and horror themed shorts on Funny or Die.

Funny or Die has roped in John Carpenter himself to host their series of Halloween-related videos. Carpenter's as cranky as you would hope, and he plays pop tunes on the organ while doing his intros. You can ride out the rest of your work day with these.

Here's Carpenter's intro:

I haven't watched all the videos, but there are a couple I quite liked.

Blockhead is a slasher take on Peanuts, with the Teen Wolf (TV show) cast. I think this one nails it, and I like the minor chord version of the Peanuts theme:

And this video pays tribute to the man who tosses cats into frame during cat scares in all your favorite horror movies: