Mondo Mystery Movie IX: Zombies Attack, George Romero Shoots, DAWN OF THE DEAD Screens

Watch video and check out pictures from the latest Mondo Mystery Screening, which included a mass zombie attack and George Romero dispatching one of the undead! Also see the beautiful limited edition poster that was sold.

The ninth Mondo Mystery Movie happened this weekend in Austin, Texas. As always folks bought tickets in advance with no idea what the movie would be, only that they would be guaranteed a poster - which would only be available to those who attended the screening. Moviegoers were told to meet at a church, but they weren't seeing a horror themed picture. Instead they were driven on buses to a nearby mall... where they were beset by zombies, who were battled by a beleaguered National Guard.

Zombies at a mall? Yup, it was Dawn of the Dead, a movie that never screens (seriously). And George Romero showed up to intro the film.

Check out the video of this incredible event.

And this poster by Jeff Proctor! What a beauty!

I think Dawn of the Dead may be my favorite movie of all time - it's definitely the movie I have seen the most - but I have never seen it projected. I am so jealous of everybody who had a chance to participate in this incredible, huge and fun event. Most of all for watching this amazing movie on the big screen!