Zombies, Aliens and Witches in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

We’ve got videos from Casiokids, Modeselektor with Thom Yorke and Soko!

I’ve been itching to spot Thom Yorke’s name alongside Berlin-based Modeselektor’s since their collaboration back in 2007 on staple favorite track, “The White Flash.” Upon the release of their third LP, Monkeytown, the always inspired electronic duo have assembled yet another game-changer with the Radiohead frontman for the single “Shipwreck.” Given a striking visual treatment by director Tony T. Datis, we follow a prepubescent loner through a post apocalyptic world where a stash of recycled batteries becomes a MacGyver-like survival tool against hoards of hungry zombies. Wait a second, how in the hell did a notoriously quick-to-croak Great Dane make it that far into the future?

Adorable, multitalented French artist Soko (or Sokolinski) isn’t alone with this offering, “I Thought I Was An Alien.” I’ll do my impression of a Juicy Fruit-smacking late night waitress with a lot of tables and say, “We all did, shweethaht.” Swiped from the yet to be released debut album of the same name, she effortlessly overachieves by singing, directing and acting as visionary Spike Jonze captures the magic of her first time with an E.T. by way of the iPhone 8mm app. Having only set foot in LA for a total of seven hours, the locals will have to speak up and tell me if this type of thing is always happening in Echo Park. And I hope to god they’re using protection.

I pulled a predictable human move and saved the best for last in this week’s batch. Nostalgia  (for those who dabbled in junior occultism as well as stuffed animal collecting/kissing) intermingles succinctly with Norwegian synthpop in Casiokids’ latest. And the official video directed by the brilliant Kristoffer Borgli for “Det haster!” has been unofficially confirmed to require no less than a couple proper viewings. After all, the title of the song translates as “IT’S URGENT!” I couldn’t agree more. Their ambitious new album, Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen is available on Polyvinyl from your nearest record shop, but you might have trouble pronouncing it to the clerk without sounding like a sloppy, slurring drunk who wishes to expose his or herself to gentlemen from the largest united state.