STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION: Season 8 Is Happening On Twitter

A very funny Twitter account gives us details of the TNG season that never was.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

There's a Twitter account that answers this vital question. It tweets out TV Guide-esque synopses of season 8 episodes, complete with B stories. They are almost always amazing. Some sampling:

[blackbirdpie url="!/TNG_S8/status/125483739454246912"] [blackbirdpie url="!/TNG_S8/status/131031473372401664"] [blackbirdpie url="!/TNG_S8/status/129210668493705216"] [blackbirdpie url="!/TNG_S8/status/127280402380500992"] [blackbirdpie url="!/TNG_S8/status/126097463789629440"] [blackbirdpie url="!/TNG_S8/status/128511197061464064"] [blackbirdpie url="!/TNG_S8/status/127082707250446337"] You should follow @TNG_S8 right now!