X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Could Be Getting A Sequel

  A writer has been hired to pen X-MEN: FIRST CLASS TOO.

is reporting X-Men: First Class

But I guess Fox was just waiting to sequelize all their summer franchise starters on the same day. Kinberg's not a great choice, but I have no doubt there will be 12 more writers on this thing before it becomes a real movie - should it ever become a real movie. Hiring a writer is the cheapest part of the process, so Fox could just be hedging their bets.

I do approach a sequel with some trepidation; the first First Class was the result of a number of factors that probably can't be replicated, including the cannibalizing of the X-Men Origins: Magneto script. Also, the first film rushed to the finish line, leaving us with a status quo that is distressingly familiar.

Still, the New Optimism abounds! I quite liked the first film and I hope that the sequel - should it happen - is a worthy successor.