Elijah Wood Is A MANIAC

Can our favorite boxing hobbit fill Joe Spinell's (sweat soaked) shoes?

Maniacthat Maniac

The remake will be produced by Alexandre Aja, but will be directed by one of his homeboys, Franck Khalfoun, who has - without a doubt - one of my favorite IMDB pictures:

That hat's so jaunty!

Anyway, it's an intriguing choice for young Mr. Wood. He's already proven he can play psycho very convincingly in Sin City (it's his eyes. He can make them either big and dreamy or big and scarily empty), but Maniac is just one of those unclean movies. I'm curious if the new version is going to try and be as skin-crawling as the first.

If you haven't seen Maniac, there's a great Blu that you should buy. Linked below.