Ridley Scott Revisiting His Old Films Chronologically, Doing BLADE RUNNER Sequel Next

Ridley Scott confirms his next film is 'liable to be' a sequel to BLADE RUNNER.

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We already knew that he was returning to Blade Runner's universe, but this seems to be the most specific confirmation that it's an actual sequel, and not just another story told in that setting. But then at the end of the article, Scott says that the film is “not with the past cast, of course.”

He doesn't even have a writer at this point, although he does say “we’re quite a long way in, actually.” This guy is fucking inscrutable. It's a sequel without any returning cast and they don't have a script or anything but are a long way in!

I'm curious what Scott does AFTER the Blade Runner sequel. If he's just revisiting his old films chronologically, he'll be doing a sequel to Legend next. By the way, this theory means that Robin Hood is a prequel to The Duellists.