TV Talk: ONCE UPON A TIME 1.2 “The Thing You Love Most,” Henri bows out

Seriously? This is happening?

Okay, I’ve now watched two episodes of Once Upon A Time. The first one I watched on a plane, and as we all know, there’s something magical about watching something while you’re trapped in a metal tube hurtling through the sky. I once teared up at Zac Efron’s performance in 17 Again because I was flying over an ocean. Our own Devin Faraci has admitted to gently weeping at Sweet Home Alabama. We may never understand it, but the skies are a powerful place to interact with flickering images.

That has to be the only reason I left after the first episode thinking, “Okay, this show might be kind of fun!” In my plane-crazed state I took notes down like, “Cool! Prince Charming fights with a baby in his hand!” WTF? Fortunately there was no Internet on that flight so I was barred from posting my ridiculous rants immediately.

For me this isn’t some self-righteous anger over the major networks ripping off Fables, either. I’ve read Fables. I’ve enjoyed Fables. But Fables had all sorts of problems (not the least of which being how boring the first “mystery” story is) and if someone wanted to take that and make a stronger story out of it, I’d enjoy that, too. Especially if they made sure that it ended and didn’t keep going after the big battle came to a conclusion… but we’re not here for Comic Talk.

Bottom line? Now I don’t even know if I can watch Grimm, which I hear is a totally different kind of show, because the whole fairy tale thing is over for me. I’m sure if I had 10-year-old kids I’d have to hear lines from this coming from whatever room they’d watch TV in, and maybe I’d appreciate the fact that they were rotting their brains on Disney tween garbage with a higher production value than Miley Cyrus. But I don’t have any kids, so I don’t have to watch this show anymore.

Maybe Hell on Wheels will be good? Or maybe we can develop a great drinking game that involves flying across the country to catch up on several episodes of Once at the same time. That could still be fun.