Benecio Del Toro Better Play A Klingon In STAR TREK 2

JJ Abrams wants Benny as the villain in the new TREK... but who is the villain?

Variety is reporting that JJ Abrams wants Benecio Del Toro to play the villain in Star Trek 2 (which won't be called Star Trek 2 but rather Star Trek: Some Sort of Subtitle), but the role is so secretive even Del Toro, who has met with the director, doesn't know what it is. Oh that Mystery Box!

When you hear a Hispanic man is being courted for a role in a Star Trek movie, you immediately begin thinking that maybe it's Khan. Christ, I hope not. That would be a big mistake. But what if the part were a Klingon? In the original series Klingons basically were Space Puerto Ricans, and they're the most famous Trek alien race. They didn't show up in the first film, so it could be high time to bring them in now.

There were a couple of Klingons in the original series who would be fodder for new villainry, including Koloth, who was supposed to be the recurring foil for Kirk. He appeared in the episode The Trouble With Tribbles and has popped up in other Trek series and spin-offs. Or it could be a whole new Klingon commander, which is probably preferable.

I just really, really hope it isn't Khan.