The MANIAC Remake To Be A POV Movie

Our sources tell us that the remake of MANIAC will have an intriguing gimmick.

There have been very few movies told entirely through POV. Lady in the Lake was one, a Philip Marlowe mystery directed by Robert Montgomery. Gaspar Noe takes POV to the next level in Enter the Void by giving us the POV of a spirit. The British sitcom Peep Show is all POV. But it's a strange device, and it's rarely used.

But my sources tell me that the remake of Maniac, which is starring Elijah Wood, will be shot POV. Meaning you'll be looking out of the killer's eyes, and you'll only see Wood in mirrors and other reflections. It's possible that this will be achieved through a 'found footage' aesthetic, but my understanding is that the script indicates it as POV.

UPDATE: Other sources tell me that it's only the killer's scenes that are POV. The rest of the film is shot normally!

There's a junket for Happy Feet 2 happening this weekend - someone ask Elijah about this! If it's true, it makes the Maniac remake incredibly interesting. It also makes it much more transgressive - we're not just watching the killing, we're participating in the killing. That's a cool idea.