Brian K Vaughan To Write The UNDER THE DOME TV Show

The writer of Y THE LAST MAN and EX MACHINA tackles Showtime's Stephen King adaptation.

Under the Dome

Vaughan is best known to the wide world as one of the writers on Lost (he left before it hit the toilet), but to nerds he's very, very well known for his comic book work, including the incredible Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina. Of interest to me is the fact that both of those series stuck the landing with beautiful, emotionally resonant precision. Unlike Under the Dome, which has a terrible wet fart of an ending after 800 pages of great build up. Hopefully Vaughan will have the freedom to play with the material and make the finale as interesting as the rest of the story is.

In Under the Dome a small town in Maine is suddenly encased in an invisible force field of unknown origins. Everyone inside makes references to 'Nothing sucks like Electrolux' and Maine classic rock radio slogans while re-enacting a slightly different version of The Stand.

via Deadline