Billy Crystal Gets His Tux To The Cleaners As Eddie Murphy Quits The Oscars

The Oscar controversy continues, making this mess almost as long as the ceremony itself.

This isn't hugely surprising - it was certainly just Ratner that got Eddie into hosting in the first place, and there were many who thought the mercurial comic would drop out even with Ratner in charge. But now the show is rudderless, and Hollywood is panicking - who is going to fellate the bland, middlebrow moviemaking of today without an Oscars show?

Apparently Brian Grazer has already been asked to produce the show, but there's no word on a new host. Billy Crystal has been making noise about wanting the job back, and I can see the Academy opting to go Old Pro after all this mishigoss. Or will they go Young Pro and ask Hugh Jackman back, or bring Neil Patrick Harris up to the big leagues?

via Hollywood Reporter