Crocheted Kidnapping, Japanese Devil Women And Lady Popeye In This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Video

Dig new videos by Seventeen Evergreen, The Suzan and Popeye in High Places.

In the video for Seventeen Evergreen’s “Polarity Song,” we escape the banality of thrift store shopping and stumble upon a very literal, semi-frightening interpretation of a hand-me-down. In this case that hand juts out from a pile of moth-eaten muumuus, pulls you by the ankles into a parallel universe and selfishly comes back to the scene of the crime for a blender. What appears alarming at first is really just a tot-friendly version of The Human Centipede, sponsored by Etsy and in which a bundle of kidnapped customers are happily stitched together. No strangers to the music video world and creation of hyper-realities are directors Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasy, who together make up the collective Terri Timely. Thanks to pal, Ellis B. for the heads-up.  

Tokyo-raised and Brooklyn-based rock quartet The Suzan attempt to threaten a seemingly innocent, yellow-haired missus with Party City bargain bin items in the Pomp&Clout-helmed video for “Devils.” Surely you’ll empathize with the lone patron of possibly the worst bar in existence. Apparently they boast a one drink limit and it’s set on fire just before it arrives. Once you’ve downed half, four Japanese women with laser beam eyes will chase you out the door with plastic pitchforks and the help of some bats. When Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill offers the same, maybe we’ll all consider dropping by.

Behold, a reason to support freakishly muscular women after they embarrass us repeatedly upon the release of each new “Divas” segment on WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Keith Musil directs this tragicomical, gender-swapping version of Popeye in High Places’ video for their single “Sonora.” Half of the duo, Mary Pearson, embodies the classic cartoon character as we follow her on a blood-spattered search and destroy mission to rescue her lanky gent in cut-offs, Olive Oyl (played by Liars’ frontman Angus Andrew). We may also deduce that this would make nemesis Bluto a big, gay bear bully. Kudos to Matt D. for tweeting this gem to me.