Most Horrible Thing Of The Day: Using THE DARK KNIGHT To Defend Joe Paterno

Pop culture icons often get dragged into situations that have nothing to do with them. Today's it's Batman and the child abuse scandal at Penn State.

Facebook is usually a treasure trove of these things, and this photo cartoon comes from there (via my friends at The Fake Life). It uses the end of The Dark Knight as a way of showing support for Joe Paterno, the Penn State college football coach who is at the center of a storm of controversy after he essentially covered up child abuse by his former defensive coordinator. (More on that at Paterno's Wikipedia page) Joe was fired last night, which led to a riot at Penn State. What could have been going through the minds of the people who rioted in support of a man who turned a blind eye to someone who molested at least 40 boys? This cartoon gives you some insight.