David Yates To Direct Non-Continuity DR- WHO Movie

The Doctor comes to movie screens, divorced from decades of continuity.


Dr. Who is a big deal these days, with the latest incarnations of the Doctor being hipper and getting a bigger international audience (back in the 80s everyone I met who was a Dr. Who fan was a creepy smelly guy who talked mostly in Monty Python quotes. In the modern day everyone I meet who is a Dr. Who fan is a girl) than ever before. Which makes a movie inevitable.

And so a Dr. Who movie is coming to pass, and it’ll be directed by David Yates, the guy who shepherded Harry Potter through his final adventures. But get this: it’ll be divorced from the TV show continuity.

Yes, a stand-alone Dr. Who movie.

I understand why fans would hate this idea – Who has dealt with decades and decades of continuity without breaking too much of a sweat – but as someone who has never been able to get into the show I welcome a clean break. I like the idea of a film I can walk into fresh, one that will consolidate the best ideas and concepts of the Whoverse into a gleaming, accessible package.

The film is still a few years out, and the producers are looking for writers at the moment. I imagine they’ll be deluged with a whole ton of English talent hungry for the chance to do toDr. Who what JJ Abrams did to Star Trek.