MIRROR MIRROR Trailer Proves The Two Snow White Movies Are Very Different

"Snow way!" Someone actually says that in this trailer. 

Last week you saw the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman, which was in the mold of epic action fantasy, complete with monsters and massive battles. That's just one of two Snow White films coming next year, and there was some thoughts that perhaps we'd be getting essentially the same movie twice. But the trailer for the other Snow White film, called Mirror Mirror, proves these two movies couldn't be more different.

And that this couldn't be more different than anything else the director, Tarsem, has done before. There's a lot of silliness in the trailer, and it has more of a fairy tale feel as opposed to Snow White and the Huntsman's gritty medieval fantasy. While I support the tone of Mirror Mirror, it looks fucking terrible - the dwarf saying 'Say hello to my little friend' really just reads like a rape joke.

Anyway, this looks like serious junk, although lovely junk. I think Julia Roberts might be about to one up Hook in her bad movie portfolio!