Enjoy Animated Highlanders In The Trailer For Pixar’s BRAVE

Watch the trailer for the first Pixar film with a female protagonist.

Pixar's next film is not a sequel (thank the lord) but rather a wholly original story set in a very new environment. With a very new sort of lead - a girl. It's only taken the animation company two decades, but they've finally made a movie with a female lead.

The film is Brave, and it's set in the Scottish Highlands, with a plucky young girl as the hero. Sure, she's a princess, but she's a pretty unique princess character. Or so it seems right now. 

I saw some extended footage at Disney's D23 convention (I wrote about it a bit here) and I like the incredible environments and the light adventure tone of what I saw. The comedy was funny and the action looked thrilling. This trailer continues to sell me. Maybe we can all get over Cars 2 with Brave.